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"Adam us always excited to go to speech therapy-he finds his time with Deborah fun, and not a chore. He has improved dramatically. His articulation is better and his speech sounds clearer. Her methods of therapy are entertaining and she always manages to find new ways to teach him. We have been very fortunate to have Deborah as his therapist and would highly recommend her services."

Melanie B

"I'm a I just want to thank Debbie and her team for all they have done for Marcus. Not only has Marcus improved over the last three months, but he has thoroughly enjoyed each session. For example, today he started dancing when I told him we were going to speech. After today's session he asked is we could go back to speech!  Marcus was terminated from E.I. because his therapist was sure he was "on par" with other 3 year olds. Clearly that was not the case. At the time of his third birthday, Marcus did not understand the concept of "yes" and "no". After meeting with Marcus for two minutes, Debbie figured out Marcus' lack of conceptual language. The team was able to give David and I the tools to help Marcus with this concept and within a day, he was beginning to understand. We continue to see tremendous progress in his speech and his understanding of conceptual speech. So, thank you for the amazing job you are doing with our son."

Kari B

"Debbie helped me successfully navigate through the health insurance system to secure services for our son. After offering us many suitable appointment times, we were able to commence services.​

Ali loves coming to each session. We noticed a difference within a couple of weeks as did his teachers at school. We are all very pleased with his progress. I would like to add that Deborah has a wonderful rapport with Ali and I! She always keeps me up to date on his progress and what to work on next. We highly recommend that you seek services from her and her team."


Stephanie N.

"I am writing this to thank you for your outstanding work you and your team have done with Christopher. His lang has not only improved remarkably, but today he meets the language expectations of his current age. His vocabulary has increased, he speaks in complete sentences and the clearness of his speech is astonishing to me.  I was mortified over his inability to speak clearly and how this was impacting his communication and behavior. After the first six months, there was noticeable improvement. He was expressing himself more like a 2 year old than an almost 4 year old.

Thank you all for the speech therapy you have provided, my son is now able to express his thoughts and ideas, he can maintain a conversation and because he is much more readily understood, his behavior has improved dramatically. He follows directions better, he problem solves better, and even attends to tasks and activities with an improved  understanding, because he is able to effectively ask the questions he needs to ask to stay focused.   The time he has spend in treatment with you and the team you supervise will be the cornerstone of all future success he may achieve. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The work that you do is positively PRICELESS!  "

Maria B.

"My four year old son Tomas was diagnosed with Selective Mutism and attended therapy sessions with Deborah's teammate, Samantha. Tomas doesn't talk to adults but to my surprise he started talking to Samantha after the first month. I am also impressed on how she captured my son's attention as he is always happy to go to the therapy, feels very comfortable there, and most important, his communication skills are improving every day. The office is very clean and comfortable and conducive to maintaining a calm non-threatening environment for therapy. In my opinion, the service provided by Deborah Chassen and her team are very professional and I personally recommend her as a great speech therapist!"

Fernanda R

"When my ENT advised me that my hoarseness and general discomfort was caused by Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion Disorder, I was very confused and anxious. My doctor advised me that Voice therapy would help! I sought out this practice and am extremely pleased. My vocal disorder was explained in detail and I was provided with a series of steps that would eliminate my persistent cough and provide me with relief and a series of strategies to help me maintain the improvement.  I know that I must integrate these new behaviors into my life and I am so thrilled of the professionalism and knowledge of my therapist and her constant coaxing that helped me make the necessary changes."

Andrea K

"Our daughter Delaney, has been working with Deborah and her team for about seven months now and we are thrilled with her progress. Deborah connected with out daughter and made speech therapy a positive and fun experience. Delaney is encouraged to work hard both during therapy and at home to correct an articulation disorder. The result has been a boost to her self-esteem and confidence.. Deborah is incredibly thorough, as is her team and they have the patience to work on a sound until it is fully stabilized and becomes second nature.  The speech therapy , Delaney has received, without a doubt has minimized her frustrations with communication and improved her social interactions.​"


Nicole F. B.

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